Social Studies

The Social Studies program at DL aims to develop reading, writing, organizing, and presenting skills, while exploring issues that help students meet the school's mission of developing a sustainable and peaceful world.

Grade 7

Topics in Grade 7 Social Studies include:

  • Social Inequality

  • Environmental Issues

  • Political Systems

  • Danish Constitution

Grade 8

Topics in Grade 8 Social Studies include:

  • Global Inequality

  • Citizenship

  • Economic Systems

  • Justice & Society

Grade 9

Grade 9 students gain a balanced appreciation for the different courses offered in two separate courses, each for one semester. These courses include:

  • Geography

  • History (Iran, US and World History)

Grade 10

The Grade 10 courses are designed to prepare students for the respective courses in senior years in the content and skills taught, and types of assessment used. The courses offered are:

  • Business Studies (year long compulsory course)

  • Geography (one semester)

  • History (Denmark, US and World History) (one semester)