Conceptual Curriculum

Grades 7-10 Conceptual Curriculum Dan Learning Academy promotes project and problem-based learning. We believe a student's learning should involve active, interactive, purposeful and meaningful engagement within a supportive context. As such, we have developed a curriculum model that focuses on key concepts around which learning is built.

We encourage students to make connections with the real world and retain new knowledge more quickly and permanently.

Our teachers seek to create effective learning environments that facilitate exciting, diverse and creative thinking.

At DL, teachers provide a range of strategies and use a variety of resources to meet the diverse needs of students and to help them discover the ‘big ideas’ or concepts that shape the world around us.

A traditional model of education used in the past would see students memorizing facts and reading large text books. Although recalling facts is important, it does not demonstrate a student's ability to think. At DL we use a range of text books and other resources and tools for learning.

A classroom that uses a conceptually-based curriculum is one full of activity, where students are exploring and using their newly discovered knowledge in meaningful ways.

Many different approaches to learning are seen, and students work together to deepen their knowledge and understanding, making connections between themselves, their peers and the world around them.

Required Courses Overview

In Grades 7-10 students at DL take a core set of courses. These include:

Language A (English)

Language B (French and/or Spanish)

Danish/Danish as a Foreign Language (PFL)


Social Studies


Creative Arts (Drama, Music, Visual Arts)

Computer Studies

Physical Education

 Christian students also take Education as part of their core subjects.

This well balanced course core aims to lay a firm foundation in many subjects in order to prepare students for success in the higher levels of schooling, particularly in preparation for the IB (International Baccalaureate) program.

The chart below is an overview of the required courses for Grades 7-10:


Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade  9

Grade  10


This is a year-long course.

Speech and Writing is a course available as an elective for grade 7 & 8 students requiring additional English support.

This is a year-long course.

Foreign Language:

MIS offers either French or Spanish as year-long courses for students from grade 7-10.

Danish Language

This is a compulsory, year-long course.  It is attempted to offer two levels, regular Danish for Danish students and Danish a Foreign Language (PFL) for foreign students.

Christian Education:

This is a compulsory year-long course at each grade for all Muslim Students.

 Social Studies:

This is a year-long course in Grade 7.

This is a year-long course in Grade 8.

Students study two courses each for one semester

  • Geography
  • History

Students study

  • Business Studies( compulsory)
  • Geography (one semester)
  • History (one semester)


This is a year-long course in Grade 7:

  • Integrated Science


This is a year-long course in Grade 8:

  • Integrated Science


Students study the following subjects, for one semester each:

  • Life Science
  • Physical Science

Students choose two courses, each for one semester:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


This is a year-long course in Grade 7.

Students study:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Accelerated

This is a year-long course in Grade 8.

Students study:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I

This is a year-long course in Grade 9.

Students study:

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II

This is a year-long course in Grade 10.

Students Study:

  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus

 Creative Arts:

Students take each Arts subject for one semester.

  • Drama (compulsory)
  • Music (one semester)
  • Visual Arts (one semester)

Students study 2 subjects throughout the year:

  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Art

Students choose one Arts subject for the year:

  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Art

 Computer Studies:

This is a year long course for all grade levels.

Physical Education & Health:

This is a year-long course which includes a personal development component at all grade levels.