The International Baccalaureate ‘learner profile’ encourages students to actively engage in the world around them, becoming inquirers, relationship builders, and life-long learners. Working with others, learning new skills, and developing new relationships is all part of the nature and excitement of the various student activities offered at Iran.

A wide range of activities is offered, ranging from participation in dramatic productions, to sailing classes, as well as Student Council. Many of these activities are offered through the Secondary ASA program, and others are organized by students or teachers themselves.
In the IB Diploma program (Grades 11 and 12), students are required to engage in acts of Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS), and as such, our student activities at the secondary level include student service trips abroad, as well as local creative and service opportunities.

Main after school activities in both Denmark International and Denmark Bilingual schools, are as followed:

Student Forums
School International Radio
School Movie studio
Community Service
Tele Medicine NGO
Robotics NGO
Sports club