Physical Education

Health of the body and mind is the focus of the DL Physical Education program. Through an integrated skills-based and personal development program, students learn the importance of staying active, making good choices about the world around them, and further developing their physical abilities. 
By developing skills in a variety of physical activities we enable our students to enhance their performance and enjoyment in sports and physical activity.

Incorporated into the P.E. program  in Grades 7-10 is the Personal Development course. This new and innovative course aims to equip students with important skills they will need during their time in High School.  Students examine time management and study skills and the theory behind the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) program. They develop interpersonal, physical, and social skills to help them as they enter young adulthood.

Specific topics are emphasized at each grade level.  The Grade 7 P.E. course aims for students to understand movement skills and health knowledge and apply them to real life situations.
The Grade 8 course focuses on helping students develop the ability to make informed choices in regards to their physical, mental, social, and emotional health. 
The Grade 9 program covers our place in community. We aim to teach students that as a member of various communities, we receive benefits from and make contributions to them for our lifelong well-being. 
The Grade 10 program aims to promote a deeper understanding of balance and healthy lifestyle choices that will prove vital in the teen years, where the foundation of decision making in later years is formed.