Our Mission and goals

The twenty first Century demands a more sophisticated range of skills from our youth than ever before. Our world has become globalized and interconnected. The great challenges facing our planet cannot be solved by one country standing alone. In this globalized world, critical-thinking, creativity, communication, risk taking, collaboration, intercultural awareness, and life-long learning are all essential skills and attitudes.

At Denmark International school (DL), we share your wish to make your children ready for the future that we cannot imagine, and to give them the foundation and attitude to thrive in a changing world. An education that combines internationally respected academic standards with a truly international outlook.

DL strives to embody its mission through the following

· Students will achieve and fulfill their true academic potential across our academic and extra-curricular programs.

· In pursuit of mutual respect, students demonstrate their full consideration and respect by acknowledging others' needs and looking for ways to help, and pursue what is right.

· Promoting the global citizenship and sharing our responsibilities and obligations toward our globalized world.

· Danish Language and Culture

Students will gain an understanding of Denmark and an appreciation of the Danish culture.