Enrollment rules

 The enrolment of a new student will only be taken into consideration by the school upon receipt of

· A completed application form which is published on the school's website www.danlearning.com or is available upon simple request.

· The documents requested in the Application Form.

· The payment of the fee ("Application Fee”). The amount of the Application Fee is published on the school's website or is available upon simple request.

 The Application Form must be filled in upon the application for a First Enrolment.

 The requested start date of the new student must be indicated on the Application Form. The start date can be at the beginning of the school or at any other date during the school year.

 The Application Fee is payable once only upon application for the First Enrolment. Even if the application is withdrawn, the full Application Fee must be paid regardless of the reason for such withdrawal. The Application Fee is nonrefundable. The application for the First Enrolment will not be processed until the full Application Fee has been paid.

 The school has no obligation to admit a student who applies for a First Enrolment and is not obliged to justify its decision not to admit a student.

 The First Enrolment is subject to availability. A waiting list is established when the school is unable to determine if a place will be available on the requested Start Date. If a place is not available 60 days after the requested Start Date, the parents may cancel the application and request the full refund of the Application Fee for the student on the waiting list.

 The enrolment of a student constitutes an agreement with the school valid for a complete School Year (hereafter "Enrolment Agreement”) or the remainder thereof depending on the Start Date.

 The school has the right to suspend the student from attending school for a period of not more than 30 days if the student does not respect the school's rules of behavior which was communicated to and accepted by the student/the parents. The suspension does not affect the Enrolment Agreement or the parent's financial obligations to the school.

 During a School Year, the school has the right to terminate the Enrolment Agreement with immediate effect, leading to the immediate expulsion of the student from the school, in case the student/the parents do not respect the school's rules of behavior which was communicated to and accepted by the student/his parents. The notice shall be given in writing without any recourse to the courts and without any damages whatsoever to the student/the parents.

 In the case of students receiving Learning Support, as described on our website, the school has the right to prematurely terminate the Enrolment Agreement without any recourse to the courts and without any damages whatsoever to the student/the parents should: (a) the parents fail to disclose information relevant to learning and emotional issues that affect the learning abilities of the student; (b) the parents fail to collaborate in following up the recommendations of the school (i.e. assessments, counseling, additional therapies); (c) the school considers it is no longer able to meet the student's needs. In each of the aforementioned cases the decision to terminate the Enrolment Agreement is taken by the school's Learning Support Council after the student/the parents are heard. The school will inform the parents in writing providing a notice period of not less than 3 months.

 The school has the right to terminate the Enrolment Agreement with immediate effect, without any recourse to the courts and without any damages whatsoever to the student/the parents if the student/the parents fail to pay the Tuition Fees or Other Fees, provided that no payment was made within one month after a written notice was sent by the school to the student/the parents. The termination of the Enrollment Agreement will result in the immediate expulsion of the student from the school.

 Students who were enrolled for the previous School Year are enrolled automatically for the next complete School Year with all consequences related thereto. However, the school or the student/the parents have the right not to enroll the student for the next School Year by a notification to the other party in writing not later than May 15 of the preceding School Year. Such decision by the school or the student/the parents will not give rise to any damages.

These general terms and conditions apply from the moment the student/the parents submit an application for a First Enrolment until the student is no longer enrolled in the school and all outstanding issues between the school and the student/his parents related to the student's enrolment are finally settled, and to each Enrolment Agreement entered into between the school and the student/the parents.

 These general terms and conditions as well as the Enrolment Agreements to which they apply will be governed by the law. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these general terms and conditions and with the Enrolment Agreements to which they apply, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Education ministry.

 The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision(s) of these general terms and conditions shall in no way affect the validity or enforcement of any other provision(s) or any part thereof.

Class Placement

 Students will be placed in their age appropriate year group based on their age on 31st August.In the case of a dispute over age appropriate placement, the child will be placed in the age appropriate class until thorough academic and social assessments are carried out by the class teacher. This will take place during the first two weeks of the student's commencement at DL and a report with a final placement decision will be communicated to parents.

School reports

 Nursery applications do not require school reports.

 Your child's school reports are key to helping us make the right admissions decision. Any application to Elementary, Middle or High School should be accompanied with the last two years of school reports, plus any reports received during the current school year.

 Early Childhood Centre applications (PreK - grade 2) should be accompanied by up to 2 years of school reports, depending on the length of time the student has been in school.

 High School applications (grades 9-12) should also be accompanied by a transcript, including all grades, from 7thgrade onwards.

 If your child has had any external assessment, standardized testing reports, or formal evaluations (for example: speech and language, psycho-educational, occupational therapy, etc.), please include this with your application. If your child requires learning support, you may be required to arrange up-to-date evaluations if these reports are more than three years old.

 In order to process your application, DL requires that an application be submitted in English. All non-English supporting documents such as school reports should be accompanied by a comprehensive summary text in English. In some cases, the Head of School may request a more detailed translation prior to making an admissions decision. Please also note that copies of the original reports are always required.

 It is very important for us to have the latest information about the learning profile of your child. Parents are therefore required to submit to the Admissions Office any reports received subsequent to acceptance.

Applying Outside of Denmark

 DL welcome guest students from various countries each year. We are pleased to offer students the opportunity to spend at DL , learn to speak perfect Persian and English, and graduate with the prestigious International diploma.

Early childhoodEnrolments

Students entering Pre-Kindergarten must be four years old. Students may start at any time of the year (subject to places being available). Programs for younger preschoolers are offered for five days a week. When completing the application form, ensure it is completed indicating the preference for the extra-curricular programs.

In order to begin the admissions process, it is essential that we receive the following:

· A completed Application form (All PDF)

· Application fee

· The School Questionnaire, completed by your child's current teacher (grades PreK-12)

· Two years of school reports. For more details see Admissions Policy.

· Any additional documentation or test results from the last five years (e.g. SAT or report cards.)

· Any additional information (e.g. special programs or modified courses that your child may have followed)

· Physical Examination and Student Health Questionnaire.

· Confidential Medical Record.

· Family Information form.

· Taxi service form.

· Lunch service form.

· Photos for identity cards for parents and students. (head and shoulders passport style)