Grades 7-9

English for Grades 7, 8, and 9 incorporates speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These courses introduce students to various text types and a variety of oral and written tasks. Students use their imagination and creativity to understand, interpret, construct, and appreciate literature. They learn to recognize how different text types can persuade audiences and address issues and events through the manipulation of language. Students work both individually and collaboratively to understand how written language can be used to suit different subjects and purposes.  Middle school English is never static.  The English department constantly reviews and revises its program to ensure that it best meets students’ needs and the requirements of the conceptually based curriculum.

Speech and Writing

Speech and Writing is a course for students who have been identified by teachers/staff as struggling with written expression. The course focuses on learning how to communicate clearly in writing, and throughout the course, students will work with various text types and practice writing in a range of different styles. The small class sizes allow easily for group or pair work and for more one-on-one time with the teacher.  Students are encouraged to share what they have written with classmates, while presenting their ideas in creative and exciting ways.  Speech and Writing emphasizes the process of writing and on organization, from how to organize a sentence or paragraph, to organizing an essay or a speech. Students work both individually and collaboratively to develop an understanding that language can be constructed and manipulated to suit the subject, the purpose, the text type, and the intended message of written text or oral presentations.

Grade 10

Grade 10 English is a year-long course combining the study of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  This course is designed to be a whole language approach to reading and writing effectively and with a sense of purpose.  Students will be able to harness the skills acquired in Grade 7-10 English to advance critical thinking and analytical skills.

At this level, the teaching emphasis shifts towards the study of language and literature as an art form. Students will begin to analyze the writer’s craft and identify effects of literary technique on the overall meaning or significance of a given text.  Critical, analytical and thinking skills will be stressed in all areas of the program, as will an appreciation of the similarities and differences between literary works from different ages and cultures.

The goal of the Grade 10 English course is to refine the skills needed for the study of English at the senior level through a thorough study of literary technique and function.  Students should not only be able to understand and use an extensive range of vocabulary, but should also be able to express ideas with clarity, coherence, conciseness, precision and fluency in a range of situations.