Creative Arts

Creative Arts at Denmark International School consists of three separate subjects: Drama, Music, and Visual Art.  Students explore their creativity through learning and applying artistic processes, in whichever discipline of the arts they study. Curiosity, fun, and creativity are key aspects of each of these subjects.  Our goal is for students to develop a love of creating!

Grade 7 Drama, Music, and Visual Art:

Grade 7 Creative Arts classes focus on teaching basic skills, concepts, and techniques that are foundational in each of the separate Arts subjects. In Visual Arts, this means a focus on the basic skills of how to render images, as well as basic composition and media skills. In Music, students play a variety of percussion instruments, as well as learn to write about music using specific music vocabulary. Grade 7 Drama focuses on group collaboration, as well as using voices and bodies to communicate theatrically. Students in grade 7 study drama throughout the year and music and visual arts each for one semester.

Grade 8 Drama, Music, and Visual Art:

In Grade 8, students build upon the basics learned in Grade 7, extending their knowledge while still enjoying creative expression. In Visual Arts, this includes the development of skills in using different media to create art pieces. Grade 8 Music further develops basic musical skills, using instruments to practice learned skills.  The second year of Drama is aimed at continuing to develop students’ level of comfort and skill in performing on stage, in front of an audience, as well as their understanding of using drama as a means of communication. Students in grade 8 study drama throughout the year and music and visual arts each for one semester.

Grade 9 Drama, Music, and Visual Art:

In Grade 9, two of the three creative arts subjects are offered for study. Use and application of the artistic process is a key focus of the Visual Arts program. Students develop their understanding by using model artists and learning from the existing art world.  They investigate how to integrate this knowledge into their own artwork, developing their curiosity and skill with different media.  In Grade 9 Music, students develop their musical composition and performance skills, as well as articulating their thoughts on the process of performance.  Grade 9 Drama focuses on continuing to build confidence and basic skills of voice and movement. Students are also introduced to some theater history (Dan Learning is The official Partner of The Commedia School of Denmark), and how this relates to them as performers and creators.

Grade 10 Drama, Music, and Visual Art:

The Grade 10 students select one of the three subjects to study for the year. The Visual Arts program focuses on extending the thinking and creative skills of the student. Students learn to develop their research, generation, and clarification of ideas, as well as extend and improve their technical control over media.  A great deal of emphasis is placed on building confidence, experimentation, and fluency in a wide variety of media.  In Grade 10 Music, students learn to make critical analysis of musical pieces and they develop their listening and analytical skills. Students also build on the performance, composition, and technical skills developed in earlier years. In Grade 10 Drama, students primarily focus on advancing their techniques in acting and begin their studies in direction.  Students direct each other in small-scale productions, putting in to practice the theory they learn in the classroom.