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Contact Information

  • E-mail: info@danlearning.com 
  • Telephone: +45.5067.2163
  • Address: Flinterenden 6.4 Copenhagen

We appreciate your interest in Denmark International School and look forward to getting to know you during the admissions process. DL is committed to openly counseling and helping parents looking for a school in Denmark make the best choice for their children. The application process at DL is efficient and to the point as possible for all applying students. Thus we are hoping that families come and visit to discuss their children's schooling needs or simply look at our resources on this website.

All applicants admitted to DL are expected to function within the regular programs and classes - for those whose needs can be met by the educational services the school has to offer. We strive to accommodate as many families as possible therefore we are happy to admit students throughout the year. You can e-mail the Admissions Office to arrange a convenient date and time.

Open Houses are held each year in the Fall, or you can attend one of the scheduled monthly school tours.

ยท Tours for Prospective Parents will be held at 9am on the first Tuesday of each month.

Before submitting your application documents to DL , you are highly advised to read the Admissions terms and conditions as it contains all the necessary information about admissions at DL .

We look forward to meeting prospective families during the admissions season this year.

The DL Admissions officer