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Established since 1993, Dan learning Academy consists of Bilingual School (MBS) and International School (MIS) and offers high-quality education to inspire students to achieve to their full potential. 

With three campuses across Copenhagen and a student body of approximately 1500, Denmark Academy offers the finest facilities available in the region to students from Kindergarten to grade 12. 

At Denmark Bilingual School our students receive quality Danish education in full accordance with the requirements of the Danish Department of Education in addition to being taught fully in English in the afternoon. French is also offered as a subject from grade 6. Students sit the IELTS test in grade 11 and are well equipped for entering universities both in Denmark and abroad. MBS has a rich and active community in which students work for the school in the summer and teach courses in English using an online radio system. 

Denmark International School (MIS) has been recently established based on 20 years of experience at MBS. The school’s curriculum is based on American standards and provides students with broad and in depth knowledge in all subject areas. Our focus is to provide an environment to encourage personal growth while developing students' core and essential skills, as well as their capacities for critical thinking and creativity. The faculty are highly-trained educators committed to ensuring the successful development of all students.

MIS is currently at the candidatory stage for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for grades 11-12 to empower students to gain access to universities across the globe. The academically challenging  High School Diploma is based on courses and required credits in grades 9-12 including IB courses in grades 11 and 12. Across grades 7-10 MIS offers a school-developed, conceptually-based curriculum  which provides an effective transition from elementary to the diploma courses in Grades 11 and 12.


MIS Community

 Each grade level has between 10 and 30 students in it, and our students undertake many activities together.

 Our students come from many different backgrounds. Most are from local families, while around 20% are from families that are only temporarily in Denmark because of their employment or business. These can be families from elsewhere in Denmark, or from outside of Denmark.

 As a school with a commitment to international-mindedness, MIS helps foreign students stay in touch with their own language and culture, while immersing them in an English speaking school environment with a distinct international flair.

 MIS High School currently offers French literature courses for native speakers, and can offer other languages as required.

Our Diploma

 The high school Diploma is a two-year course that includes mathematics, at least one advanced science course, a humanities subject and two languages, one of which is a literature course.

 The Diploma demands reasonable proficiency in English, and we recommend that students from overseas spend Grade 10 with us as a pre- Diploma year during which they follow a full course of study at the school, and use this time to improve their English and become accustomed to our style of working.

 All Diploma students must study a second language, but many of MIS's graduates are awarded the Bilingual Diploma in recognition of their very high level of proficiency.

School Counseling

 Our school Counselor is dedicated to helping all MIS students through the process of applying to college and universities both within Denmark and overseas.

 Copenhagen has outstanding colleges for science, engineering, technology and medical sciences in particular, as well as the full range of career disciplines.

Academic Excellence

 MIS sets high expectations for individual achievement.

 In the Middle and High School we work in English, and have a major emphasis on science, which is taught in a practical manner by trained science specialists.

 MIS students receive more science teaching than at any other high school in the region. We also continue to build on our High School mathematics program.


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